Lejoy scores new gig

The Real Housewives of Johannesburg reality star Lethabo “Lejoy” Mathatho has bagged a new gig as the presenter of Ingane Yam’.Failing to hide her excitement, Lejoy says she is glad to be a part of the show that aims to unite families and help children know their true background, especially for cultural reasons.
She says: “I always thought that such shows were a form of embarrassment to black families because they exposed our deepest secrets, like an adulterous affair secret. I really thought that these people who are featured just wanted fame because I actually thought it would be better to sit with the family and talk such matters through.
“But once we started visiting these families, I realised that they were more comfortable this way because nobody in the family wants to listen to them sometimes, and some of them really just call us because they believe that we as a crew will save their relationships. This is why we also offer counselling.”
She says the show answers questions on why parents, hide children from their past and how families react to such children.Director of local entertainment channels at M-Net Nomsa Philiso said: “This show mirrors the struggles ‘illegitimate’ children are faced with as they navigate their daily lives. Viewers would not want to miss what we have in store for them.”

Ingani Yam’ is set to premier on Mzansi Magic on October 20 at 8pm.

Lethabo Mathatho has secured a new gig as presenter of a new show.

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