Lepelle Northern Water appoints new CEO to remedy water crisis in Limpopo

In executing its constitutional mandate of delivering bulk water to the people of a water-stressed Limpopo province as well as addressing the challenges related to infrastructure Lepelle Northern Water (LNW) has appointed Dr Cornelius Ruiters as the new Chief Executive Officer who has assumed office with immediate effect this week.

Ruiters has extensive experience in the water sector and is acquainted with water governance in Limpopo, boasts a career that spans the academic, government and private sectors at operational, senior, and executive management levels.  He also holds a PhD in natural science and a PhD in civil engineering (water engineering).

Speaking to Sunday World during an interview LNW’s Board Chairperson , Dr Nndweleni Mphephu, expressed excitement over the appointment of a Chief Executive Officer of the calibre of  Ruiters.

He indicated that the appointment was in line with the objective of capacitating LNW. He expressed the conviction that Ruiters would contribute immensely to the organisation and that his experience would assist to complete outstanding projects, which would be considered his priority.  Mphephu added that the LNW Board would support Ruiters to ensure a new era for LNW.

Ruiters said: “I’m of view that with the task ahead I must emphasise  the importance of making LNW sustainable and viable, focusing on strengthening governance and taking the organisation forward, engaging stakeholders on their mandates and the role of LNW in executing  the constitutional mandate of delivering bulk water to the people of Limpopo who are facing well documented water  and infrastructure challenges stressing their well-being.”

He expressed excitement over having been entrusted with the responsibility and mentioned that he had worked in Limpopo for an extended period, immensely contributing to the delivery of basic services.  Ruiters concluded saying that LNW had a major role to play in a water-scarce province to help ensure the development of Limpopo in terms of the delivery of water-related services.



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