Malema: “ANC councillors ran all night to fix sewage spillage, sies!”

Johannesburg – Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema said it is quite shocking with how the African National Congress (ANC) councillors barely slept through the night, making attempts to fix sewage spillages in Mangaung, Free State.

Malema who visited the dysfunctional Mangaung metropolitan municipality just three months post appointment of a new administration in the area lashed out at the ruling party for failing Mangaung residents.

“I am happy that ANC councillors ran all night like busy witches, who want to fix the work that they had days to fix, but were not able to do such,” addressed Malema.

“If I couldn’t have set my foot in this area, they were not going to deal with this water sewage horror, they must be ashamed of themselves,” he addressed.

Malema further warned ANC comrades that wear the party’s regalia to campaign for the movement that doesn’t take care of their social needs to stop defending the party even in its flaws.

“Comrades of ANC waked up in the morning wearing their doeks trying to block me while, I fight for the municipality to fix the water sewages, it’s really barbaric, is absolute nonsense,” said Malema.

The red beret leader said he confronted one of the subcontractors that was hired to fix the sewage pipelines, and he was astonished that the subcontractor is not someone from Mangaung nor from the province.

Malema said the municipality is spilling lies over claims that it is cash-strapped, he cautioned that there’s money within the municipality, but they are not willing to prioritise service delivery.

He said the party will put up a strong fight to ensure that proper budget allocation is made for the sewage system and also to take this matter to the parliament and authorities.

Watch Malema speak about the issue below: 

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