Mamabolo defends kissing his ‘comrade’, says he is not cheating

Boy Mamabolo was not cheating on his wife when he was caught on video kissing another woman, the ANC MP has explained.

The politician said there is nothing wrong kissing female comrades on their lips, adding that his wife is aware of this.

Mamabolo has been the talk of town since he was captured on video kissing a woman in what appeared to be a party during the ANC rally at the weekend.

The party was celebrating 112 years as part of its annual January 8 statement.

In a four-second clip that was shared on social media, Mamabolo can be seen planting a kiss on the lips of a woman who is clad in ANC regalia.

Moments later, the woman can be spotted dancing and twerking while other men who are also wearing ANC T-shirts look on.

Speaking to Sunday World on Wednesday, Mamabolo defended himself, saying he was not cheating on his wife.

He went on to explain that his wife is aware that he shares kisses with his female comrades when he greets them.

Everybody deserves some love

“It’s obviously me kissing my comrade. There is nothing wrong with that … I have been kissing comrades. Everybody deserves some love,” said Mamabolo.

“It’s not like we are dating them [female comrades]. We are just giving them some love. It’s not like it was a deep kiss or a French kiss.”

Mamabolo said nothing happened between him and the woman beyond the kiss.

The politician tied the knot with Khomotso Malotane in a wedding of extravagant proportions at the couple’s hometown in Seshego, Limpopo in September 2021.

He said Malotane was not moved by the video because she knows that it is how he greets his female comrades.

“The ANC is not made up of men only. She [Malotane] knows that part. We are not worried about gossip,” said Mamabolo.

“It is not like I was naked or caught penetrating another woman. That one is called cheating.”

He added that people must stay far from his marital affairs. “People are angry about something I did with my own mouth? They can’t do that.”

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