Methodist boots Queen Nandi and kids out of mission home

Reality television star Queen Nandi and her family have been evicted from a Methodist Church’s mission home they have been residing in for a while.

Queen Nandi, real name Nandi Mlombi, and her family were served with an eviction letter and removed from the Methodist-owned Bedfordview property on Friday.

Queen Nandi has been making headlines in the past few months, for making allegations against the Methodist Church. These include accusing the church leaders of behaving ungodly. This was in a scathing letter that she wrote to the church’s senior clergy, she called “stupid and clowns”.

She told them to focus on the sex scandal, in which a senior church leader ate the forbidden fruit of Eden with the husband of a congregant.

Face of the show

Nandi, the face of DStv’s reality show, The Pastors’ Wives, on Honey TV, wrote the letter in response to the church after they made a barrage of charges against her to the senior leaders of the Methodist Church in the Johannesburg East Circuit Court for allegedly using the house which she lived in with her family to film the TV show.

During her eviction, Mlombi recorded the entire process and posted it on her social media pages. She labelled it “apartheid era dejavu”.

In the six-minute clip that she posted on her Facebook page, Mlombi appears calm while her two daughters watch as a group of men break down the gate and then the door of the house to remove her belongings.

One of the men is heard saying: “I am recording as well, ma’am. If there is anything of value, I would suggest you move outside. I am not going to be accused of theft or any stolen goods. You have a choice now to take [out] anything of value…”

After being moved out of the house, Mlombi’s valuables were then placed on the street outside.

On Monday, Mlombi took to her social media again, to post more pictures of the eviction.

“They say a picture speaks a million words. The Methodist Church of South Africa,” she captioned.

Good Samaritans

The outspoken media personality added that after the eviction, good Samaritans took her and her children in.

A few days later, she was spotted at a club, boozing and dancing with a group of friends while celebrating her birthday.

Mlombi was not immediately available to comment.

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