Mmusi Maimane still shaken after encounter with robbers

One South Africa leader Mmusi Maimane is recovering from trauma after being robbed at gunpoint at a bar in Cape Town on Wednesday.

The former DA leader said he had taken his brother-in-law out for drinks when the near-death encounter unfolded. According to Maimane, three gunmen stormed into the bar and robbed the patrons.

“Tonight I took my brother-in-law out for a drink at a bar. It wasn’t 30 minutes, three gunmen came into the bar, pulled out their guns, had all of us down, and proceeded to rob every table,” he wrote on his Instagram account, raising concerns about the rising rates of crime in the country.

“The moment felt surreal, like a movie and the post effects are actually traumatic.”

He said the police arrived promptly and took statements, however, he is not certain if the culprits will be arrested, adding that the police and private security companies need to beef up security and ensure that crime does not escalate further.

He wrote further: “You think of what could have been. Crime in our nation is out of control. I wonder and lament the lives of all people that were shot at a tavern, they like us went out to have a drink and they lost their lives.

“I have greater thoughts for all those families today, even more so I worry about crime in our nation. It’s truly out of hand.

“I don’t give up on our crime, we have to fight. We have to ensure policing is effective and the criminal justice system works. The Phangela’s, ADT, Fidelity, and metro police need to form a greater part of localised policing.

“Put fear back on criminals and not on citizens. We have a long way to go, starting with best minister of police and a government that will ensure safety of its citizens.”

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