Moegoe of the Day!

Waking up to #SurvivingPDiddy was the last thing any of us saw coming into 2023. For someone who has been at the forefront of black excellence, it is shameful to say the least that a black woman or any other woman would allegedly suffer in the manner Cassie suffered in the hands of hip hop mogul Puff Daddy or Diddy.

Knowing the amount of influence and power P. Diddy has in the industry, one can only imagine what it took for Cassie to even speak out at the risk of losing it all due to Diddy’s power. We really sympathise with Cassie for the years of trauma and may she be strong to see the lawsuit she filed against Diddy for rape, being introduced to drugs and being forced to have threesomes with prostitutes while being filmed at just 19. P. Diddy is a Moegoe!

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