‘Muvhango’ cast and crew shut down production

Muvhango cast and crew have downed tools and shut down production after not being paid for two months.

They claim the producers of the soapie, Word of Mouth Production, owned by Duma Ndlovu, failed to pay them salaries for October and November.

The fuming cast and crew members have also threatened to leave the multi-lingual sudser and sue Word of Mouth for breach of contract if their salaries are not paid pronto. A source, who didn’t want to be named for fear of victimisation, said the entire cast and crew were not paid their October and November salaries.

We have not paid our bills for two months and this will affect our scores

“Last month when we enquired we were told that the SABC did not have money to pay them; that is why they couldn’t pay salaries. When we asked why the company didn’t apply for an overdraft to pay salaries, we were told that we would be paid double on Friday, November 29.

“On Friday, they sent an e-mail explaining that there isn’t money to pay salaries again because they didn’t get the money from the SABC. Apparently the SABC is contemplating to terminate the contract because it doesn’t have money to keep Muvhango on its pay roll,” said the deep throat.

In the e-mail, which we are in possession of, the producers blamed their failure to pay salaries on the financially embattled public broadcaster.

They also threatened to shut down production if the SABC didn’t pay them by Friday 2pm. “Please be informed that as I write this e-mail, we have not received production’s end of the month payment from the SABC.

“We are in constant communication with various players at [the] SABC responsible for our payment but have not received
assurances that payment will be made on time to reflect in everyone’s account first thing tomorrow morning [Saturday].

“In the absence of a payment guarantee, we have sent correspondence notifying the broadcaster that we will be shutting
down at 2pm this afternoon and we will only reopen when we have been paid.

“Sincere apologies for this unfortunate development and we will revert with the final update as soon as the SABC responds to our correspondence,” reads the e-mail.

The production was indeed shut down after the SABC failed to meet the deadline to wire the money into their coffers.

Another informant said the producers are gatvol with the SABC and are contemplating to seek business from other media houses.

“They can take this thing to e.tv. I’m sure there we won’t be as abused as we are here,” said the mole.

Muvhango publicist Karabo Disethle Mtshayelo blamed the chaos on the public broadcaster and referred all comment to the broadcaster.

By Ngwako Malatji


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