Nigeria-SA relations critical for the continent’s success

President Cyril Ramaphosa has emphasised that understanding and partnership between South Africa and Nigeria is critical for the success of the African continent.

The president was speaking following a bilateral meeting between him and his Nigerian counterpart, President Bola Tinubu. The meeting took place in Tshwane, on the back of the Presidential Inauguration held on Wednesday.

“[For] me what matters most is to be able to have very good economic links with Nigeria. The two countries – South Africa and Nigeria – are very important in our continent. When the two countries work together, which we are, and do things together, it benefits Africa.

Pillars of our continent

“It is the two countries that are among the pillars of our continent. And I’m particularly pleased that we support each other internationally in various fora. In the UN [and other] multi-lateral institutions. Nigeria and South Africa are essentially joined at the hip. And we want to engender good economic and trade relations between our two countries. This to address the challenges that our two countries face,” Ramaphosa said.

On the domestic front, the president said the African continent has received South Africa’s Government of National Unity (GNU) positively.

“We’ve set up a Government of National Unity. And I’m particularly pleased that the African continent has responded very positively. [It welcomes] the news that we will continue stabilising the politics of our country. But more importantly, through the GNU, we’re setting a very strong foundation for economic growth. And to be able to attract investments.”

Mainly related to the two economies

Tinubu – who attended the inauguration – said discussions between the two heads of government mainly related to the economy.

“I’m here to congratulate my brother for putting together a very impressive outing. Particularly for the Government of National Unity to stabilise the politics. That is coming at a very challenging time for the rest of us in Africa. To come up with collaborative economics that will help our downtrodden and vulnerable people,” said Tinubu.

Wednesday’s inauguration saw Ramaphosa inaugurated for a second term in office. It follows the 29 May 2024 national and provincial elections. The results of the elections produced no outright majority winner. Thus requiring the leaders of different formations to work together in taking the country forward.


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