Nomia Rosemary Ndlovu says hitman initiated the murders against family members

Johannesburg – Shocking and dark details are being revealed at the Palm Ridge High Court as the cross-examination of the former police officer, Constable Nomia Rosemary Ndlovu proceeds.

Ndlovu allegedly hired hitmen to kill six of her relatives, which includes her sister Joyce and her five children for insurance pay-outs.

The former cop appeared for the first time in court yesterday after a video of her giving orders to an undercover cop, whom she believed to be a hitman went viral.

During a sting operation, the undercover cop tricked her to give orders as to how her sister should be killed, and she was recorded without her knowledge.

Ndlovu has allegedly murdered six people since 2012 by poisoning, setting fire to their homes and arranging hitmen to kill them.

The accused has however maintained her plea of not guilty as she argues that the hitmen gave her orders and told her what to say.

“If you look at the clip carefully, there is nowhere where I initiate a discussion or conversation. I did not initiate the conversation,” she said, during the cross-examination in court.

It is alleged that she received R1.5 million from the funeral policies and life insurance policies she took out on her victims.

In the state’s papers it is written that Nomia plotted to kill her other sister Audrey by pouring poison in her tea, but she didn’t die then.

“The accused immediately removed the cup she had used when attempting to poison the deceased the previous day and washed it, thereby destroying possible evidence that could have implicated her in the murder,”  the state alleged.

Nomia claimed R717,421 for her sister, Audrey’s death.

A report from the doctors, however, suggests that there were strangulation marks around Audrey’s neck and some blood, leading them to believe there was foul play involved.

“The deceased had no knowledge about the insurance policies to cover her funeral costs and also had no knowledge of the policies in her name for funeral cover, accidental death cover or life cover,” the state said.

The trial continues.

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