SA’s diplomatic dance: Striking balance or two-faced politics?

In the complex arena of international relations, the ANC government finds itself treading a fine line between expressing support for Palestine and addressing concerns from the local Jewish community.

A decision recently to refer Israeli actions to the International Criminal Court (ICC) and a simultaneous closed-door meeting with the South African Jewish Board of Deputies (SAJBD) reveals a diplomatic dualism that raises questions about the ANC’s true commitment to peace.

On one hand, the ANC’s public stance in support of Palestine appears to be a commendable stand for justice and humanitarian concerns.

Calling for a ceasefire, humanitarian corridors, and an ICC investigation into Israel’s actions aligns with the party’s historical commitment to human rights.

However, the engagement with the SAJBD indicates a more nuanced approach – one that recognises the complexity of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the need to address concerns within the local Jewish community.

Concerns about potential fallout

While the ANC’s actions may be interpreted as an attempt to strike a balance between international solidarity and local reconciliation, the question arises: Can a political entity effectively serve as both a champion for justice in the international arena and a mediator for peace at home?

The ANC’s delicate diplomatic dance raises concerns about a potential fallout.

A proposal to close the Israel embassy and suspend diplomatic relations until a ceasefire is achieved suggests a strong rejection of Israel, possibly perpetuating another diplomatic war.

On Tuesday, parliament will vote on the EFF’s motion to close the Israel embassy. The motion was tabled on Thursday and faces opposition from the DA, IFP, African Christian Democratic Party and Freedom Front Plus.

In its pursuit of being perceived as peacemakers, the ANC risks being seen as playing a political game rather than genuinely promoting dialogue and reconciliation.

The key challenge lies in the need for the ANC to be transparent and consistent in its actions.

While expressing solidarity with Palestinians is crucial, it should not come at the cost of diplomatic relationships and trust-building efforts at home.

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