Covid-19 graft is our crying shame

Johannesburg- In a piece penned early in February 2021, I painted a picture of an entire country hiking through the valley of the shadow of death.

We were then under the grip of the second wave. Covid-19 had just gobbled another life in my family at that time. For each of the Covid-19 deaths visited upon my desolate family, we had to mourn without grieving and weep without wailing.

This was at a time when Covid-19 vaccines were unheard of in Mzansi. But while the rest of us were postponing our sorrow until tomorrow, the corrupt couldn’t wait, and they couldn’t care less. For them, Covid-19 was the jackpot of all jackpots. On March 23 2020, when the president announced the establishment of a solidarity fund and the temporary employee relief scheme, among others, the mouths of the depraved were watering.

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