May Serena’s star shine forever

September 2022 signals the end of a tennis era and for popular US tennis superstar, Serena Williams, the beginning of motherhood and the expansion of her family.

Nurtured by her father Richard Williams from a young age, with her elder sister, Venus, both rose to become a dominant force in world women’s tennis, a game in many parts of the world still reserved for white people.

Born in Saginaw, Michigan, but raised in Los Angeles, she practiced her craft on public courts and this week, she announced, where it all started, at the US Open, that she is gracefully bowing out.

Over three decades, Serena broke many records. In 2012, she and Venus visited South Africa for exhibition matches, and most significantly, to inspire budding black tennis players.

Many black children took up the sport following the visit.

Serena, 40, plans to focus on her family and husband.

May her star shine brightly forever.

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