This consistent cheating is becoming boring

By Kuli Roberts

Can we docile folk stop being conned? If we are not conned by men looking for accommodation masquerading it as a relationship, we are conned by men who bring their friends on dates expecting us to pay.

Can we please stop being conned – some of us find out our men are getting married from social media. Can we please be given a chance? Our men arrive from work and head straight to their local drinking hole while we were promised “till death do us part”. Some of us are actually lucky if they return at all.

Also, can men stop cheating as it’s so dull? Be single and have plenty of one-night stands rather than commit yourself when you know that you are a sex fiend. You call it being a man when it’s actually childish, dangerous and irresponsible, especially since there are some hot blow-up dolls on the market. I promise it’s more respectable being a slut than a married slut.

We know many men claim cheating on their wives does not diminish their love for her. But that’s hardly the point when you are breeding and spreading STDs. Please, we are docile and easy to con, can you stop being the “town planner” but try and be the “condom guy”.

Can plumbers also stop charging us ridiculous prices. We are exposed to your cracks and odour, and don’t need our money stolen too. Mechanics, this also applies to you, as we know we go in with one issue and you claim more, have mercy on us, please, as we are docile and not schooled in your trade. Please, can everybody refrain from that cool-drink mentality. Why is corruption the norm?

Also, this nonsense about how great you are in bed is infuriating for those who have slept with you. Please stop conning women into bed too. She has not reached climax until she is temporary deaf. Otherwise she is jut telling you what you want to hear to avoid conflict.

Stop lying because you feel inadequate and remember it’s how you use your tool and not its size that matters. Stop conning and just learn. Yes, many men love bedding young women because of their little experience. Stop it. You are utterly useless to have to resort to kids, just read a book or watch porn. You can do it. Just stop relying on your wallet and try being a gentleman and they will come. Don’t be a blesser when you could be at home, and don’t call folk gold diggers when there is no gold. Easy to check, you know.

Still on the topic of conning, can these beauty contestants stop with the plastic surgery? If it’s not rhinoplasty or breast implants, it’s skin bleaching or cheek implants. Like the men with the small members, it’s enough. You are enough.

South Africans walk away from those posters as your manhood is perfect and does not need to be enlarged as you are perfect and some of us love small.

“Well, some people are ugly, so let’s be honest. You can’t really believe we all good looking and look like Minnnie Jones and should not change our looks,” said my friend while changing her second nose.

Well, I disagree. Conning anyone is depriving them of your truth. Jones is representing herself as she is. You don’t have to lie and deny having kids or your marriage. Can we just have more honesty! We are all imperfect with our own pains. It’s not just about you. If we can earn an honest day’s living, so can you. No one is ugly, it’s just their deeds that are vile.

And finally, find Senzo’s killers.

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