Where there’s smoke, definitely there’s fire

Kuli Roberts – Full Circle 

Men must stop asking for sex then crying that they are being harassed

So my friend called me to complain that some woman he had a drink with the night before was sending him videos of her shaking her behind.

He said he was shocked as he thought they had parted amicably. Stay out of the gutter. I listened as he asked me if he was a flirt? If he had a hand in her behind being shaken furiously and sent to him. “What am I to do because I think she might need help or somebody to talk to,” said the imaginary shrink. “What should I do because she just called and I ignored her calls, twice.”

I turned a page of my Bible and told him that he deserved all the “harassment” that he is getting because no mad woman sends videos of herself gyrating unless he was buying or had requested them. Whether they were innuendos or ambiguity, the point is that men must stop asking for sex then crying that they are being harassed. I told him he had led her on and continued to lead her on by not blocking her immediately if he wanted
it to stop. But clearly he was enjoying it as he kept going on about it. I really don’t know why men think all women are prudes.

Yes, some do think about getting you naked and licking you from top to bottom.
Some do wonder what’s under those drawers and some want it. Yes hun, we women love being ravaged a lot – this is not the dark ages. Yes, sometimes a woman wants to rest
but most want to be tired out by your body instead of a “goodnight”, unless you are
both 12. Yes I felt sorry for the silly bumshaking one as it looked like a cold night and there she was tiring herself by shaking that poor flat behind in the cold. But I
told him to delete the video even though he had invited the sexually charged environment that he later admitted to as he had found her on Tinder for sex.
Look lads, stop going to dating apps if you are going to complain about your dates.
Unless she was shaking what he can never touch and avoid corona as the Covid is here and she doesn’t know my friend or his sexual demands or appetite. Besides, what are strangers doing thinking about sex during a pandemic?

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