Parole board turns down Donovan Moodley’s application

Convicted murderer and kidnapper Donovan Moodley is not about to taste any freedom soon after his parole application was turned down.


Moodley sat for his parole hearing at the Johannesburg Correctional Centre on Wednesday, and after reviewing the application, the parole board recommended that he be denied parole.  


The convicted murderer was sentenced for the murder of Leigh Matthews in 2004 after he abducted her from the university precinct in Sandton where Matthews was studying.   After kidnapping her, Moodley held Matthews captive while demanding a ransom from her family but shot and killed her when he received a R50 000 payment.  

After pleading guilty to charges of murder, kidnapping and extortion, Moodley was sentenced to life imprisonment for murder, 15 years for kidnapping, and 10 years for extortion.  


In January 2022, the convicted murderer, who has been eligible for parole since 2018, had his application to be freed on parole rejected.   


However, he managed to petition the high court in Johannesburg to set that decision aside. 


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