Pearl Thusi says hands of my hubbly after sharing ‘traumatic’ experience at groove

Johannesburg- TV presenter and actress, Pearl Thusi took to social media to give details about her experience while partying.

Pearl was not impressed by men who keep asking for her hubbly at groove.

The only people she was prepared to share it with were her friends.

“I’m not trying to do this thing anymore; I’m exhausted Please spread the word. If you must have hubbly, please avoid Pearl’s hubbly. Sharing not caring. No, I don’t want to share my hubbly, if you are not Nomuzi, Thabsi, Zinhle, or Yolanda. If you are not someone I like, leave my drinks, leave my bottles, leave my table, and leave my hubbly. I’m not your friend, go away.”

The star also took to Instagram to remind people how they shouldn’t be sharing hubbly’s during this pandemic, despite her saying that she will only share it with her friends.


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“On a very serious note guys. Apart from the fact that there is a pandemic. We should not be sharing hubblys or anything else that touches your mouth for that matter.”

The Queen Sono star also addressed the issue of ladies who come to her table and expect her to carry them should come to an end as she has her own crew.

“Don’t go to a club thinking you will sit with someone, if you do make sure you have money for your own bottle.”

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