Pit bulls’ owners furious after EFF called for ban of vicious dogs

The EFF has added its voice to the ongoing debate around the banning of all breeds of pit bulls following vicious attacks on children by these dogs mainly in the Free State.

In a statement, the organisation said it will use legislation to ensure that the domestic pet ownership of all breeds of pit bulls is prohibited in the country.

“Outside of negative-breeding habits, the dogs remain an aggressive breed and their ownership must be prohibited lest many communities lose loved ones to brutal attacks,” the organisation said.

However, several owners of pit bulls expressed disdain at the proposed ban.

Marvin Goliath, a resident in Eldorado Park in Johannesburg said his pit bull was poisoned by someone trying to break into his house.

“Apart from my dog protecting me and my belongings at home, Zeus [dog’s name] was like family to me. It still hurts that Zeus was poisoned early this month. My dog was my best friend and an emotional pillar in my down time,” shared Goliath.

“Growing up with pit bulls, I really wanted to become a veterinarian. I cannot imagine life without my pit bull, people need to educate themselves on pit bulls and their traits instead of just hating them.”

Another pit bull owner, Themba Ndlovu from Florida, also in Johannesburg, said he is unhappy at the way society chooses to treat pit bulls and their owners.

“These dogs are a part of our families. They love, guide and protect us. It is most likely for these killings to occur in the townships, as we have children [in the townships] teasing our dogs, and a pit bull is bound to react when provoked,” said Ndlovu.

“We need to question why parents allow their children to bully our pets. The problem is not the dog, but rather the society that the dog is surrounded by.”

Meanwhile, award-winning musician and celebrity chef J’Something has received a backlash after he posted a picture with his dog and captioned it: “Me and my homie.”

Angry fans lambasted the musician for being insensitive to the families of children mauled by pit bulls. Now it seems the singer, who defended his pet by stating that it is an “American Bully”, has deleted the negative comments on his Instagram account.

J’something also lashed back on Twitter, saying: “Gtfoh [get the f***k out of her] … You are assuming this dog is a pit bull and then being hurtful with your words.”


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Kevin Nair, spokesperson for the national council of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), said the implementation of tighter regulations and control measures is needed.

“Pit bulls should not be owned by people who have no expertise, experience or knowledge of the breed,” said Nair.

“These animals are bred and distributed by people who are not educated on the breed, and because of this, these animals fall into the hands of people who have no idea of how to take care of them.

“The stronger legislation [should] make sterilisation and castration compulsory. In terms of ownership, the SPCA will make sure that registration is done on each pit bull owned, and these permits should be made available to all animal welfares.

Nair added that the SPCA is mandated to protect and enforce legislation that protects animals, but noted that it also values human lives.

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