R63 million Lotto jackpot winner from Alberton wants to buy a house

Johannesburg- An Ekurhuleni man purchased a Lotto ticket last Saturday afternoon, just hours before the Lotto jackpot draw, with a wager of R100 using the quick-pick selection.

After almost misplacing his ticket, he decided to keep it in his cupboard for safety.

This is the ticket that made the 38-year-old who works at a gas company, the latest multi-millionaire from winning the estimated Lotto jackpot of R63 million.

“Since playing from 2013, I would normally use a combination of my own lucky numbers, whether its family birth dates, or my children’s age” said the winner.

“Today is our day, it has finally come and we are unable to express our emotions, because the news of winning is so surreal,” added his wife of seven years.

The married couple, from Alberton – Ekurhuleni, who met 7 years ago on an online dating app, and are still trying to process the news of becoming overnight millionaires.

“We have lived with our extended family for many years until we decided to move out and rent a house in the same neighbourhood, now we have an opportunity to buy our own home,” said the winner.

On his reaction the moment he suspected that he may have won, he says he was overwhelmed with emotions of shock and excitement as he thought about the possibility of what this big win meant.

“On Sunday morning, I was at home, and my wife was at work, after checking the winning LOTTO numbers – when the results came up I just couldn’t believe it. I phoned my wife immediately, who also just didn’t believe that I had won, she just did not buy into my story.

“He has been playing for years and would always claim that we had won, when in fact we didn’t, so it was hard to believe him again when he told me over phone,” said the Lotto millionaire’s wife.

The couple has since shared the news with some close family and friends. Holiday plans are definitely on the horizon as the 38-year old man will decide whether he continues with his day job or not.

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