SA newcomer impresses Jorja Smith with ‘All of This’ remix

Johannesburg – South African newcomer music producer and DJ, Mpilo Ngcobo AKA DankieFuze has finally gotten his big break.

The DJ saw an opportunity to bloom when British singer Jorja Smith released a song titled ‘All of This’ inspired by the South African Music genre Amapiano.

DankieFuze says South Africans were not impressed saying she should have at least gotten a South African producer to give the track a real feel of Amapiano.

“That’s when I stepped in and decided to do a remix. It took me about an hour, I worked by myself.”

He further explained that he was rushing to post it before someone else seized the opportunity.

DankieFuze says Jorja’s manager, Uche reached out to him on the day of his graduation, in August.

“It was the first approach ukuthi [that] they want to work with me and commission the remix so that it can be released officially under their label.”

The remix features industry big shots like the Scorpion King and Major League DJs.

“When I heard their names come up I was really nervous but also excited, we work together but the fact that we’re on the same remix EP was very exciting

“I was very nervous because I’m a very anxious individual so all of this was a lot but at the same time it was exciting, so I guess the word to use is overwhelmed,” DankieFuze explained.

The remix was released last night and has already touched South Africans.

While Jorja tweeted about the release of the remix and put the link on her bio, her manager slid in on the DMs of DankieFuze on Instagram congratulating him, saying he has outdone himself.

“Getting recognition from Jorja is crazy, It’s a surreal moment because angikholwa [I don’t believe it],” DankieFuze said further explaining that he has produced many songs but has never released any of them.

“I have anxiety, I often feel like they are not good enough” however with this one, I was like let me just go for it and it got crazy feedback, here we are today”

The 22-year-old studied at the Academy of Sound Engineering in Auckland Park.

He says he realised his passion for music at the age of six.

Subsequently, he was told that he used to sing and steal CDs.

He added that he became a computer geek by the age of 8 when he discovered Virtual DJ, “I’ve been a DJ ever since however, last year I started music production”

DankieFuze told Sunday World that he wishes to build his own studio and that he has already purchased the equipment.

He says he thought this would take him 5 years because he had a five year plan, “I thought when I graduate I would work a miracle and work my way up to save and build my studio, however, it happened so quickly, in less than 10 months”.

“It’s crazy that I already got my big break,” he said.

Jorja Smith Twitter snap

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