Safety measures to take while at the malls during December

Johannesburg- The December holidays are known for increased levels of crime which include robbery, theft, bank card scamming, and car hijacking.

According to research that was conducted by the Institute for Security Studies, people at the malls are at the mercy of thieves and scammers.

These are the things that you should avoid while shopping or at the mall this festive season:

-Do not accept help from strangers

– Do not use the ATM alone and do not shop alone (extra pair of eyes)

– Be extra vigilant if you are buying gadgets (elderly and children are easy targets)

-Do not withdraw large amounts of money

– Trust your instinct

“If you are at the mall buying gadgets, do not take them to your car if you are planning to go back inside the mall because in the parking lot, someone could be watching,” Institute for Security Studies.

“Do not leave the ATM if your card has been swallowed, make the necessary calls to block it before leaving. Do not accept help from anyone other than bank staff, if near a branch,” Institute for Security Studies.

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