Sandile Shezi’s wife distances herself from hubby’s alleged fraud

Silindile Mkhize, wife of self-acclaimed “youngest millionaire” and presidential hopeful Sandile Shezi has penned a heart wrenching open letter to her husband.

This follows her arrest in November 2023 facing charges of fraud and money laundering.

Mkhize was later released on R5000 bail.

In the letter, Mkhize reminded Shezi of the day of her arrest.

“I will write to you publicly as you have shown me that you are an individual who loves to be reactive rather than proactive. On the fateful day, the 6th of November 2023, my life unraveled and the person I was before was forever altered,” she wrote.

She said the letter was a plea for the healing, and she seeks clarity, integrity and a path to restoration.
Cold chains bound her hands

“The cold chains that bound my hands and feet, and the time I spent in a holding cell served as a cruel reminder of a wilderness I never envisioned traversing. All because I chose to respect you and trust you with my entire being,” she added.

Mkhize said she had hopes that Shezi would attend her bail hearing for moral support, however, to her surprise the forex trader did not, also failing to reach out to her after her release.

“Upon opening my phone after being locked up, I found no missed calls or messages from you. The silence was deafening. Especially when I anticipated your presence at the bail hearing, not just for support but to elucidate the facts and provide clarity on my innocence.”
Caught in a storm

“Ngikuhloniphile Sandile, ngiwuhloniphile umndeni wakho (Sandile, I respected you. I respected your family especially your parents, even om circumstances that left me paralysed as a young wife).”

She said she is caught in a storm where faceless individuals have accused her of crimes she has never committed.

“As you read these lines, understand the profound danger this places not only on me but on our precious son. Can you fathom the magnitude of the peril we find ourselves in.

“I yearn for you to comprehend the magnitude of the pain and the ramifications of your silence. More than an apology, I seek your commitment to make things right, to rectify the shattered pieces. Justice for my name, I have worked very hard for my name, champion the cause of justice and rid my name of unwarranted accusations,” she said.

In May 2023, Shezi was arrested after he allegedly defrauded a retired principal of R1.2-million pension payout, which was deposited into his account as an investment in his Forex trading company.

The Vuka Ma-Africa political party owner handed himself to the police and was later  released on R20 000 bail.

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