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Beware this company – It doesn’t refund consumers their refundable deposits

RENTING a car can be one of the most confusing experiences to face.

You need to compare at least more than three car rental agencies to get a cheap booking.

But cheap is sometimes not cheap, and if you intend doing business with Indlovu Fleet Services, you had better think again. They don’t refund consumers their refundable deposits.

Ernest Nkomo and Thandi Khumalo have accused them of unlawfully withholding their refundable deposits after they had returned the rented vehicles.

Nkomo said they went to hire vehicles from this company because their rates were reasonable.

They charge R99 a day and they both hired cars because theirs were being repaired at their respective panel beaters.

Nkomo said he expected his car back within 5 days and agreed to pay the rental fee of R495 after the company accepted a refundable deposit of R2800.

His car was only back on the sixth day but he had asked for an extension from Joel Singh, who owns Indlovu Fleet Services.

He said he returned the vehicle on the agreed date and waited for his refund for several days before he discovered that the company only refunded clients after 21 days.

“It normally take four days to get a refund with a number of car hire companies, and I expected the same treatment from Indlovu Fleet, but they have different terms,” Nkomo said.

“Though they promised to refund me after 21 days, they have not done so in three months,” he said.

Khumalo also shares Nkomo’s experience. She too has not been refunded her R2,900 deposit.

Khumalo said she was also ordered to return the vehicle with a full tank, though she had paid for it upfront.

Since March she has been battling to get her deposit from the company.

“In May Joel told me to stop calling him, saying that he had other businesses to run,” Khumalo said.

Though he promised to refund her over the weekend, he had not done so, she said.

She said the company had no respect for customers since they did not even respond to letters of demand sent to them by the Gauteng consumer affairs office.

Consumer Line spoke to Prosper Mawethu of Indlovu Fleet Services, who said he was aware of Nkomo and Khumalo’s complaints. He said they had been trying since March to resolve this problem.

He passed the buck to a certain Marcus, who handled the company finances.

Mawethu said Marcus had previously assured him that he had refunded the two, but has until now not shown him any proof.

There are about 18 similar complaints on


  • Shop around before you rent a car. Compare rates at least with more than three car rental agencies to get a cheap booking.
  • Make every effort to get the best deal. A rate that sounds unbelievably low might not be so low when all is over.
  • Clarify other fees you will be expected to pay and be on the lookout for charges for extras you really need.
    Find out if the vehicle may be driven by any other person other than the renter himself, from the Car Rental in company
  • Rent a car or Rent an Off-Road 4 x 4 that is suited to your needs. If you want to travel with your full family a small compact car is not enough for you.

Read the contract thoroughly, there may be clauses like you cannot drive the car on road which is not tarred as it is a breach of contract on Indlovu Fleet services terms and conditions.

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