Shwashwi: How I wish that Queertopia really existed

Johannesburg- This past weekend was all about queers having a dandy time.

Last month, Jägermeister launched the Night Embassy residency but sadly the concept has come to an end soon.

Shwa is super-sad because it was the best thing that ever happened to us party queens.

The last installation of the Night Embassy was aptly titled ‘Queertopia’, held at Constitution Hill last Thursday and into the weekend.

Queertopia is definitely a country I wished existed, where all queer people can be free, happy and safe with no violence and judgement around genders and sexualities.

But unfortunately, we live in South Africa. We were all subjected to free Covid-19 tests. Do you even know how expensive these tests are? From the moment my sidekick and I walked into the amazing set and décor, I knew it was going to be a long weekend filled with debauchery.

There was even a Queertopia flag. It felt like I was in Alex. Day two was all about taking us on a deeply spiritual and meditative journey – with the décor changed to set the mood. A carpet strewn stage under a ceiling of see-through balloons.

Personally, I was just excited to see the legendary Ray Phiri’s equally-talented daughter, Nonku Phiri. Talk about being underrated. Shwa was blown away once again by her amazing vocals and vibe.

Muneyi and Buhlebendalo did a really beautiful rendition of MaBrrs Too Late For Mama and left us begging for more. Shwa was, at that moment, ready to be a sangoma, but then I quickly remembered I don’t have a calling.

I knew Saturday was going to be a “lituation” and I was right! Afrobeats from DJ Kat Upendi and Sjaytheblonde are a must-have at your party. If you thought gqom was dead, this Sjaytheblonde performs at the Jägermeister launch.

His afrobeats are a must-have. DBN Gogo must never think of quitting deejaying.

How I wish that Queertopia really existed The last installation of the Night Embassy, held at the Constitution Hill last Thursday and into the weekend, was aptly titled ‘Queertopia’. / T h a b o M o l a b a Muneyi teamed up with Buhlebendalo for a beautiful rendition of Brenda Fassie’s ‘Too Late For Mama’. / T h a b o M o l a b a pair brought it back to life.

An artist who gives Shwa life has to be Moonchild Sanelly. And to the woman of the moment, DBN Gogo, if you ever quit deejaying, I will sue you for tampering with my fun. I knew it was going to be a long weekend filled with debauchery Good music and positive vibrations kicked partygoers to the dance floor.


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