Sinegugu Ngubo pleads for help as she battles dystonia

Johannesburg – Living with one of the diseases that has no cure, is a suicidal factor for many, but for Sinegugu Ngubo, she is eager to defeat this monster disease that’s barely known in the world.

Ngubo, who hails from Mthwalume in KwaZulu-Natal, suffers from a neurological disorder called dystonia – a disease that is a neck movement disorder.

Speaking to Sunday World, Ngubo says she suffered from cervical dystonia for the past five years, and her life has been plagued by difficulties, as she can’t eat properly and at some point, she ended up being paranoid as she barely sleeps at night.

“Things get bad to a point where I can’t even speak properly that’s when it gets worse because I panic then body sends wrong signals to my Brain then I break down in tears,” said Ngubo.

Detailing how she faces setbacks, Ngubo says in a bid to collect medication or to go for her checkups, she travels for many kilometers.

“I travel for three hours to Durban for each check-up, it doesn’t only become a difficulty for my neck but also it has to do with high costs, as checkups are expensive,” she revealed.

She says her disability grant is not enough for the frequent trips to go to medical practitioners for treatment.

Ngubo says having lived with this disease, she had to quit her job and she currently survives with a social grant.

Detailing how her life went south, Ngubo says after she got sick her two children’s father left her with no financial support for their children.

Although the 25-year-old says at some days she feels like throwing in the towel, she has accepted her situation, even though for some odd reasons, people will stare at her and others laughing, she has chosen to be stronger.

“Tilted every day but God has kept me strong I’m Dystonic but m grateful for the gift of life,” says confident Ngubo.

Emotional Ngubo says she pleads with society to assist with donations so she can get help from professional medical doctors that can assist her.

“Their dad left while I was pregnant with the little one. He couldn’t handle having a sick girlfriend,” said Ngubo.

Living with the disease, Ngubo says she had suffered from depression, and her life is no longer the same.

“Depression is dangerous one minute you are okay, the next minute you go through the most, dystonia has made me feel so confused,” she said.

Ngubo says a small donation of R20 from members of the public can make a difference in her life.

Those who wish to offer other forms of pledges are encouraged to do so.

Donations can be made into the following bank account.

Bank Account details:

Account Holder: Sinegugu Ngubo

Bank: Capitec Bank

Account number: 1310472236

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