Slik Talk accepts Cassper Nyovest’s challenge

Johannesburg – South African rapper Cassper Nyovest has challenged YouTuber Slik Talk to a boxing match.

Cassper challenged Slik saying he would like to meet him in a boxing ring and will pay him R100 000 whether he wins or not.

“All he has to do is survive 3 rounds, 3 minutes with me,” Cassper tweeted.

Slik responded to the rapper’s challenge, saying he accepts the challenge and that he is forever ready, “I can box tomorrow, I can box in 5 minutes, I am ready”, the YouTuber said.

In response to the RSVP video, Cassper says he has gained some respect for the YouTuber for accepting the challenge.

“This should be fun,” he tweeted.

Meanwhile, Slik has received some flack for trolling DJ Uncle Waffles in a video on YouTube.

In a YouTube video, Slik said, “Although uncle Waffles is a pretty girl, this girl is the WORST, highest-paid DJ I’ve ever seen in my life”. He continued to compare Uncle Waffles to Young Stunna saying she “has the neve to get paid more than Young stunna”.

“She is just overrated in my opinion, she has no talent,” said Slik.

South Africans have come together to defend Uncle Waffles on Twitter, which included rapper Cassper Nyovest and Coconut Kelz.

Coconut Kelz said Slik is “a misogynistic loser” for hating on black women “because they wouldn’t piss on him if he was on fire. Ewwww”.

She continued to call him out on body shaming Uncle Waffles and Kamo, she said “Yoh people hate it when especially black women attain success”.

She further tweeted that having a podcast does not grant one a permit to be, “A horrible shithead”.

She did not stop there, in response to a comment on her tweets Coconut Kelz further said, “South Africans looove seeing a man tear down beautiful and successful black people. Makes them feel better about their shitty existence somehow”.

Watch Slik Talk’s video where he speaks about Uncle Waffles below: 

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