Steenhuisen says the DA doesn’t make promises, it acts

Johannesburg- The Democratic Alliance leader John Steenhuisen has today, given the party’s manifesto ahead of this year’s local government elections in November. Because of the pandemic that the world is still faced with, a lot of other members of the DA had to watch the manifesto on TV.

In his speech, Steenhuisen said the DA’s main aim is to build a non-racial South Africa and highlighted that the province (Western Cape) that is governed by the party has a low unemployment rate. He further said their manifesto doesn’t have big meaningless names that are not relatable. “The top 5 best performing municipalities are governed by the DA, that shows that we have a local government that works. We urge every voter who’s concerned about the future of their town, business, family and many other things to vote on these upcoming elections,” said Steenhuisen.

Under the hashtag #TheDAGetsThingsDone, he added that, the DA doesn’t make promises, but it acts. “We at the DA do not deploy comrades that are not qualified for certain positions, we employ fit and capable people and then hold them accountable, so we don’t have any irregular expenditure,” he said.

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