Students union speaks up after the killing of two others at their residence

Johannesburg- Students at the University of Free State in QwaQwa are still living in fear and shock.

This follows a shooting of 4 students in their residence in Botjhabela Village in QwaQwa.

Out of the four students, two sustained major injuries and were rushed to hospital, where they are currently fighting for their lives and unfortunately the other two died on the scene.

A report from Captain Boy Makubu from the local police station said three armed men came into the residence and demanded money, laptops, and phones from the group, to which the students did not refuse but the robbers mercilessly pulled triggers on them.

The South African Union of Students (SAUS) has since released a statement, sending a message of condolences to the families of the deceased and words of encouragement to the ones in hospital.

“We would like to make a call to the University of Free State, the Department of Higher Education and Training and the Department of Health to make available psychological support to the students who have been left traumatized and distraught by these upsetting events,” said SAUS statement.

The statement further said, “the targeting of student accommodation by criminals also speaks to the inactive and feeble efforts of the South African Police Services and University Protection Services to strengthen security and police visibility in and around student accommodations. We must however call on the SAPS to rest at nothing in bringing those who have attacked students”.

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