Sunday World editor and City Press journalist targeted by Somizi

Johannesburg – South African celebrity Somizi has targeted Sunday World editor and a City Press journalist after being approached for comment regarding an article.

Somizi was approached for comment regarding an article in connection with alleged legal proceedings instituted by Hastings Moeng regarding season 2 of his show ‘Dinner at Somizi’s’ being put on hold, by Sunday World.

Somizi then responded to the Sunday World editor with vulgar slurs, took a screen shot of the question posed to him and posted the message on to Instagram.

The post read, “Im not the one to be bullied especially by media…..azishe……..I’ll make u just as famous……the blurred part is adult vulgar language…..”

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Somizi seemingly battled to muster up a response of ‘no comment’ and resorted to attacking journalists in a form of online bullying.

He also posted the phone number of the Sunday World editor as well as that of the City Press journalist, and encouraged his followers to harass the members of the media, urging them to call the numbers displayed.

Below is the Instagram post that Somizi posted of the contact he had with the Sunday World editor:

Sunday World has published the article in today’s edition of Sunday World. You can read the full article by purchasing a copy of the newspaper today.

Somizi also posted a screen shot of when a City Press journalist by the name of Julia who approached him for comment as well.

The question she posed to him was if Somizi and his significant other, Mohale, would be ending their marriage, after it was reported that Mohale was not invited to Somizi’s birthday dinner a few weeks ago.

He then subsequently posted, “So @city_press has become a tabloid…..ok…..two can play the game…….to stand a chance to win i don’t know what dial the number and let Julia know what it feels like to have yo privacy invaded unprovoked.”

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Below is the Instagram post he posted as well as comments from the comment section of the post where he is seen encouraging his followers to harass the journalists:


This unfortunate incident resulted in the Sunday World editor receiving tons of hate texts as well as unsavory phone calls, simply for doing a job and approaching the subject of a story for a right of reply.

To read the full of story of what sparked the incident, simply purchase a copy of Sunday World newspaper today.

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