Tempo restaurant breaks silence on shooting, fingers Mabonga

Tempo restaurant and lodge has spoken out on the shooting incident that took place at their establishment. They say at least three people were injured in the incident at their Sandton establishment.

The shooting happened in the wee hours of Saturday morning. 

Blames injured businessman

The restaurant has laid the blame on one of the injured, believed to be businessman Sphamandla Mabonga.

In a statement released on their Instagram page, the establishment said the three people who were injured are their staff members and an individual who instigated the shooting.

Mabonga is the boyfriend of  former Real Housewives of Durban star Londie London. 

In the statement, Tempo said the shooting occurred following a squabble between the individual and their security. 

Squabble with door security

“The individual attempted to enter our establishment with firearms. Our steadfast security team, enforcing our strict policy against firearms entering the premises, denied the individual entry. This led to a verbal dispute,” the statement read. 

They added that the verbal altercation escalated, leading to shots being fired. Two of their staff members and Mabonga were injured. 

Incident occurred outside premises

The establishment added that the entire incident occurred outside their premises. However, on videos circulating on social media, trails of blood are seen inside the establishment. These are on the restaurant’s floors and on couches. 

On Saturday, Sunday World reported that Mabonga is under police guard in hospital after he was shot on  his ribs following a shooting at the nightclub. 

Transferred to another hospital

Mabonga was admitted at the Mediclinic Hospital in Morningside before being transferred to another hospital at mid day. 

Videos shared on social media show various angles where patrons are dancing before hearing the gunshots. That was followed by panicking revellers running in all directions and ducking under tables for cover.

In other clips, floors of the luxury club can be seen stained with blood. Others show that shortly after the shooting, the music was back on and the partying continued.

“From how I understand it, Mabonga went outside to fetch his gun. The shooting happened outside first and then some gunshots [were heard] inside. Because the receptionist was also shot,” a source, who declined to be identified, added.

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