Thieves who stole Metro Police vehicle crashed it after joyride

Johannesburg- Thieves stole a Joburg Metro Police patrol vehicle in Senaoane on Sunday night and went on a joyride before they crash it.

It is understood that criminals took advantage of the three JMPD officers who were patrolling the area, as the police had stopped to investigate on why a marquee was erected in the middle of the road.

Metro police spokesperson, Wayne Minnaar said that a marked JMPD Toyota patrol car was driven away by unknown suspects, when three officers stopped to investigate a complaint in Senaoane of a tent that was erected in the middle of a road.

“An internal investigation will be conducted following an incident where a JMPD patrol car was driven away by suspects in Senaoane, Soweto last night. The car was found abandoned in Chiawelo following a search. The right front and rear wheels were damaged as well as the front bumper,” said Minnaar.

He said that a case of theft and vandalism has been opened at Moroka Police Station.

Some of the residents in deep Soweto’s suburbs alleged that the police impersonators were blurring sirens and flashing blue lights threatening to arrest people who were walking down the streets allegedly drunk.

“The car stopped next to a group of youngsters who were walking near Chiawelo clinic and hit the siren. They were accused of being drunk and threatened with arrests. They group fled to different directions,” said a bystander.

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