Tip: Buy school uniforms now instead of Christmas clothes

Johannesburg- The Festive season doesn’t only bring families together since it is Christmas time, it also accelerates the level of expenditure, especially from parents.

This is mostly influenced by the little ones, who are used to a certain norm and tradition, that doesn’t necessarily signify what the Christmas period is about.

It is normal that as a parent, you want to spoil your kids, but not everything they ask for is a necessity.

Weigh their requests with the future you want to give them, and their inheritance from you.

Investing in your kids’ education will always outweigh any kind of fun, latest brand in clothes on the shelves and an ideal holiday destination, so you can skip buying Christmas clothes and instead buy them books and school uniform for next year.

Christmas will be over in a time span of 24 hours, but there are four terms in a year that they will have to spend at school.

Pay less for value:

Firstly, buying anything when it is not in demand is a wise move, because in January, it doesn’t matter what brand, but all the school shirts, shoes, books will probably be 3 times expensive.

Avoid long queues: Queues at book shops, uniform sewers are not long during this period, meaning you will not be as exposed to Covid19.

Spend on things that matter: With the pandemic not showing signs of going anywhere anytime soon, saving more and spending when there is a need is vital. Your kids have clothes, and they are in a good condition, let them wear those on Christmas.

You don’t have to go out now: Going out is not ideal, especially because there is a pandemic now. Safety first, so teach your kids on the importance of spending time with family, which will teach them about things that matter the most in life.

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