Tjovitjo‘s untjovitjo tax drama

The taxman has obtained a court judgement against production company Tjovitjo Films at the Joburg High Court after failing to ‘act tjovitjo’ toward its tax obligation.

The company, which is owned by respected film directors Vincent Moloi and Matjatji Lodi Matsetela, failed to pay the South African Revenue Services (SARS) over R1 .4 million tax bill.

According to the court papers in our possession, Tjovitjo Films owes SARS over R52000 in unpaid Unemployment Insurance Funds (UIF), almost R590 000 in unpaid Value Added Tax (VAT), and over R768 000 in unpaid Pay As You Earn (PAYE).

The staggering bill includes interest and penalties the taxman imposed on the company, which was the brain behind the popular SABC drama series Tjovitjo.

The taxman marched to the court after the company directors ignored the final letter of demand sent to them on September 16 this year to settle the bill.

In the letter, which we have seen, SARS advised the company to apply for an instalments plan if it was unable to pay the full amount owed.

It also asked whether it was possible for the company to obtain a third-party loan to settle the debt in order to avoid a civil judgment and warrant of execution to sell its assets.

SARS also advised the company to apply for a reduction of the amount owed if it was experiencing financial hardships.

But it appears SARS decided to apply for judgment after its counsel and pleas to the company fell on deaf ears.

SARS spokesperson Sandile Memela declined to comment due to client confidentiality.

“SARS is bound by Chapter 6 of the Tax Administration Act, 2011, dealing with confidentiality of information, therefore it is not in a position to divulge specific details on the affairs of taxpayers.”

By Ngwako Malatji

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