US hip hop star Doja Cat might not visit SA anytime soon

It seems that  international pop star Doja Cat isn’t keen to meet her daddy.
Doja Cat is the daughter of Mzansi’s legendary actor and Sarafina! star Dumisani Dlamini.

This news comes after Doja Cat, real name Zandile Dlamini, stated on a US radio interview  that her father is a South African and she has never been to South Africa. However, she downplayed any chance of a visit to her father’s ancestral land any time soon.

No mention of visit in radio interview

Doja Cat was as quoted saying: “I rely on my career to throw me out to places,” she said.
Late last year, during her father’s wedding, most people anticipated her arrival for the first time on her ancestral land. However, it wasn’t meant to be as she never pitched. Instead, she chose to launch her album Scarlet in the same month.

On social media Doja Cat’s radio interview video was a hot topic this week, with users expressing their views on the matter. “The girl is just not keen to meet her other family…that’s all,” one user remarked.

Mixed reaction to interview

“What if Doja Cat is waiting for her father to reach out to her first as an elderly and a mark of respect?”
Another user said: “As anyone thought of her not keen to meet [him], maybe he is a deadbeat”.
“Event organiser should just book Doja Cat so she can meet her father please.”

Speaking to Sunday World on Friday, Dlamini said he was not in a position to comment on the matter.
He said: “I am still busy now. Please call me after 5pm,” he said.

He did not answer his phone and did not reply to text messages sent to him at 6pm.

Special invite to father’s wedding
Doja Cat’s remarks come as no surprise as the mega star snubbed her father’s wedding in September. This despite her being invited to attend the wedding.

The rapper’s absence from her estranged dad’s wedding was quite conspicuous.

She released her new album Scarlet during the same month and was said to be focusing on her music.

Lavish wedding

Dlamini celebrated his big day in Umhlanga, Durban. 
Aged 59, he exchanged vows with his new partner Ophelia Mulela in a ceremony attended by the who’s who of the entertainment industry.

The theme of the wedding was black and gold with big Versace wallpaper around the venue. An expensive bottle of champagne was sipped at every table.

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