Uzalo’s Nothando Ngcobo shares more on her character Hlelo and more

Johannesburg- One of Uzalo’s newest cast additions Nothando Ngcobo spoke to Sunday World about her character Hlelolwenkosi ‘Hlelo’ Khawula.

Nothando is a 26-year-old who is originally from Hammarsdale, Mpumalanga township in the outer west of Durban.

Nothando moved to Johannesburg in 2014, to study and pursue her acting career.

She got her first acting job in 2014 which was a feature in one of Mzansi Magic’s feature films.

“In 2017 I did a part-time acting course at The Market Theatre which was very helpful because it helped elevate my acting skills.”

Apart from her Uzalo character which she recently started playing she is also on 1 Magic’s Lingashoni.

Nothando has also been doing movies that will be playing at The Silicon Valley African Film Festival in California, USA.

Uzalo’s Nothando Ngcobo

The young actress shared that acting has been the only thing she has always wanted to do, ever since she was a child.

Her role on Uzalo has been her biggest break, but she also has her role on Lingashoni.

“Hlelo and Nothando are two completely different people but what I would say we have in common is that Hlelo is street smart and so am I, in order to compete in different spectrums,” she said.

Nothando also shared that her character Hlelo’s growth is going to be tremendous and she is very excited for the audience to be part of the journey.

“Rejection has to be one of the challenges that I have faced in the industry. I have been rejected so much to a point where I considered giving up, but I remembered that when God puts something in your heart he will give you strength to achieve it,” she shared.

“I have managed to overcome this through prayer and accepting that some of the jobs I had auditioned for were just not for me at the time,” she concluded.

In the next couple of years Nothando sees herself still working in the television industry and also flourishing abroad.


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Here is a brief bio of Nothando’s character on Uzalo:

Cast into the streets in her early teens – Hlelo knew then that she has to hustle for everything in life. After years of wondering the streets, basically a hobo, she grew a thick skin, became smart and earned an invite into a village of mud-shacks. Living in this poverty-stricken and somewhat god-forsaken village was upgrade for her, an upgrade to bigger life challenges. She has had to forget her dreams and live for the now.

She hustles to make it today and hopes to wake up tomorrow – this is her life until she rescues Gabisile from her near-death experience. Gabisile helps her revive her hopes, dreams and goals. But for her to pursue any of this; she must break-free from Mthunzi. A man who gave her passage into the mud-shack village, a man who has taken her as his own property.

Like any other actress in the industry Nothando has had her fair share of  challenges that she has faced in the industry and she also told Sunday World how she has managed to overcome these.

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