WATCH | Tycoon Edwin Sodi dumps fiancée amid cash crunch

Celebrity Casanova and businessman Edwin Sodi allegedly dumped his fiancée, actress Karen Zulu, just a few weeks before he lost his cars and properties at an auction.

She was becoming too much of a real ‘Karen’

Sodi allegedly took back designer bags he had bought for Zulu and asked her to vacate his home because she was being “unsupportive” and “demanding”.

Zulu also deleted all pictures of herself and the businessman from her social media accounts.

These include snaps taken at Sodi’s mansion in September at his 50th birthday celebration. Here the couple hosted high profile guests at the Morningside, Sandton home.

According to sources close to the former lovebirds, the relationship turned sour recently when authorities started closing in on Sodi.

Investigated for various alleged criminal activities

The mogul has been feeling the heat from authorities. They are allegedly investigating him for various alleged criminal conduct and tender fraud. 

A source told Sunday World that Sodi pleaded with Zulu on numerous occasions to lay low. He urged her not to flaunt their lifestyle on social media, but she defied him.

“Edwin is going through the most. He asked her on a couple of occasions to stop posting on her social media accounts… This is because, as his partner, all eyes are on her as much as they are on him,” said the source.

Flaunted their opulent lifestyle on social media

“But Karen, being the influencer/celeb that she is, continued posting their high life. Basically exposing him and defying him,” the source said.

Sodi and Zulu were reportedly previously engaged and had set a wedding date a year ago. But it was put on hold after the invitation and wedding date were leaked on social media.

The source added that Sodi took back some of the expensive bags he had bought for Zulu and asked her to leave.

“He took back some things from her, including the bags she normally flaunts on social media, which he bought her. The problem with Karen is that she could not read the room. Edwin is basically on a hot stove, but she still demanded things from him. And that came across as being very unsupportive,” the source added.

Assets auctioned off

This week, Sunday World reported that Sodi’s mega-mansion in Morningside was put up for sale for an astounding R75-million.

His cars, properties, and company were also sold at an auction on Saturday. More of his commercial properties are set to go on sale this month at an auction.

Sodi and Zulu were not immediately available for comment. Zulu deleted her social media accounts this week.

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