Why the Covid-19 period is the best time to tie the knot

Johannesburg- A lot of couples have had to go through the most unfair seasons of their lives, all because they wanted to marry each other.

This is mostly caused by the expenditure that comes with the wedding day.

December is summer and the festive season where a lot of people are on leave, they take advantage of this time to tie the knot.

One day that always leaves them drowning in bankruptcy, because they had to book a wedding venue, décor, feeding their guests, and a whole lot of other things that are not compulsory.

No need for a fancy venue– Couples now take an option of going to the Home Affairs department offices, to sign and go back home to celebrate their unions with their loved ones.

Having an intimate ceremony– the couple will invite people who matter the most to them, strictly family members due to the restricts and rules put in place by government.

A limited number of attendees– the government has announced that there are ceremonies that must be abolished because of the 4th wave. Even though weddings aren’t prohibited, but there is a maximum number of attendees that they must stick to.

Doing things that matter to the couple– many couples have fallen into the trap of buying expensive drinks because a certain group of people drink, a specific brand. In this period, alcohol is mostly prohibited because of the role it plays in spreading the virus.

Less expenditure– having a few guests, no hired venue with minimum décor, buying necessary things that are within budget, simply means less expenditure. The couple will not suffer the aftereffects and decisions of their wedding day. They will be happy and debt free.

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