Women’s financial independence key in fight to end GBV

Financial liberation and independence for women is what cosmetics company Avon Justine has been fighting for, according to its head of commercial marketing Nadia Mohamed.

Mohamed was speaking at the Women’s Month Purpose gathering at the Venue in Sandton on Friday.

She said the gathering is aimed at inspiring women to embrace their power, financially and purposefully.

“We believe that every woman possesses incredible potential and it is our mission to help them tap into that power,” she said.

“We are not only about lipsticks and face creams, we have fed families, raised children and took some to universities.”

She added that financial instability has played a huge role in pushing women to stay in abusive relationships and become a part of gender-based violence (GBV) statistics.

“The statistics released by the SAPS [SA Police Service] highlighting the number of murder, rape and GBV cases against women in South Africa is the most horrendous in the world.

“That gives me a heart sore feel everyday. We are trying to give women a voice, a platform and the independence they need.

“As we celebrate women’s month, Avon has taken a decision to empower women with requisite skills to enhance their potential.

“If we ensure that every women in our society can earn, she can change her family’s trajectory, her life and society’s.”

South African wheelchair tennis player Kgothatso Montjane reiterated how the company empowers women to fulfil dreams.

She said she believes she is a living example of giving women an opportunity.

Montjane said she was unfunded for years until the company that solely deals with cosmetics believed in her magic and sponsored her.

“I grew up in the rural areas, tennis as a sport was foreign to me, but I had this dream that one day I will make it. They [Avon] made it happen for me,” said Montjane.

“I had so many struggles because I was told that I am not marketable. When they took me in, I had more than 10 sponsors.

“For me, this is to pave a way for the next generation of women who want to do amazing things in the future.”


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