Zandie Khumalo-Gumede clears the air on reconciling with Kelly

Johannesburg- Zandie Khumalo- Gumede has cleared the air to the public on rumors that she has reconciled with her estranged sister Kelly Khumalo.

This comes after Zandie posted a picture of Kelly’s children, Christian and Thingo bonding with her son.

Zandie took to social media to set the record straight about her and kelly having reconciled.

“On Sunday the 17th of September I posted pics of my son Zenala with his cousins, my nephew, and niece Christian and Thingo. This was a very special moment for me, especially because not only are they like my own kids but both of them have been part of my pregnancy from when I was three months pregnant.”

“They would call every week and literally force me to put a phone in my tummy so they could speak to their cousin. When he was born they couldn’t wait to meet him and hold him so when that moment happened and I saw the look on their faces it was just magical for me.”

“As an adult and a parent I made a decision that my nephew and niece would never be affected by what’s going on between me and their mother at least not from my side. The two of them are very young and are both in no contact with both their father’s side which is a decision I respect by their mother but I’m not going to deny them access to me or their cousin as well, that would be utterly cruel of me.”

“I would like however to categorically state that the situation between me and their mother remains the same and my feelings remain the same. I got all your messages of excitement after seeing them together, they really warmed my heart but what I noticed is that some took my post as a sign of reconciliation or some reunion between the two of us but it was not. It was merely about the children. It’s not the children’s responsibility to fix what happened between us but ours and ours alone.”

“I had a conversation with both of them over the weekend and reached an understanding. I’m a woman who thinks things over very carefully before I do them and the decision I took last year I thought very carefully about before taking it and it remains in place, maybe one day it will change I can’t predict the future but for now, it stands,” she wrote.

The sibling’s relationship broke down last year during a very public disagreement which saw the two sisters arguing via social media posts directed at each other.

In June last year, Zandie released a statement denouncing her sister Kelly.

On her Instagram page, at the time, Zandie revealed her decision to ‘divorce’ Kelly and said that she is distancing herself because her sister is a “toxic” person, among other things.

This followed Kelly’s social media statement, where she ‘set the record straight’ after an alleged scam involving her sister Zandie and her husband, Mhlo Gumede.

It was reported that an event organizer claimed that Gumede had allegedly scammed him out of R15 000 with the promise of having Kelly Khumalo perform at his entertainment lounge.

In an Instagram post, Kelly said, “With all due respect, Mhlo Gumede is my sister’s husband and manager, not my bookings manager nor part of my team, never was and never will be. So whatever dealings you may have with him Do NOT involve me. Thank you.”

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