Zola Nombona expects bundle of joy

Local actress Zola Nombona has announced that she has a bun in the oven.
The Lockdown actress took the news to her social media accounts when everyone was still fantasising over Valentine’s Day and the imaginary second annual Men’s Conference.
Tagging along to her grey scale image of the bump, Nombona wrote a lengthy and poetic love note in her home language, isiXhosa.
The note loosely translates in part: “your voice will be like a song I’ve been longing to hear, but there’s no composer in this world who can write it.
“Your eyes will remove all the darkness that have long made me not to see. Your smile will wipe away all my tears.”
She further said that the child would bring her the strength she never knew she could have.
“Arrive my hope. I know that God and the ancestors have granted you love, happiness, knowledge, brightness, lucks and blessings,” she wrote.
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