Freedom of varsity life not to be abused

2 February 2020

Reuben Maake: Varsity Life

Now that you have overcome the sleepless nights and the long queues in the scorching hot sun and early morning cold looking for space to register at university, behold – that was just the beginning of anoth­er challenging and yet exciting journey.

Becoming a university student is a great achievement. The environment is completely different from high school. At university it is where you start en­joying complete freedom from parents.

Here no one tells you what to do, no one tells you how to live your life and how to spend your time. That is abso­lute freedom.

However, the freedom comes with certain responsibilities. This requires you to monitor your conduct. You are now going to manage your finances or a monthly allowance you get from home. You are going to be in total control of own life on a social and academic lev­el. There is no one to boss you around on the time you spend at a nightclub or when to study. All that depends on you.

Being at a university, where you will meet new people and learn new cultures, you are going to make new friendships and forge other meaning­ful relationships. Do not deprive your­self of partying, making friends, engag­ing in debates, joining a soccer team or social clubs.

The exciting thing about being a uni­versity student is that it allows you to realise certain aspects about yourself as an individual as you grow.

Many successful sportsmen and women, great leaders of well-known movements, journalists and other pro­fessionals became who they are be­cause they engaged in activities that enhanced their skills and professional­ism. It allows you to discover your pur­pose, abilities and academic excellence.

You need a clear head to achieve the goals and do not allow any distraction to hamper your direction. Being in a university environment comes with certain distractions, some beyond your control, such as lack of funding, study material, protests and other issues.

Use this opportunity to mould and build yourself as you grow to become a professional individual who will one day change the state of the economy.

This is the place where finest brains are built, this is the place where knowl­edge is generated and acquired.

Use this opportunity to work hard for your future. It is true, education is the key to the future.

You have to deal with a lot at the same time. You have to understand that at university there is a timetable. You have to quickly get used to submitting as­signments on time and typed with ref­erences. That requires more time spent at the library and computer lab.

The sky-high buildings will consume you as you will be spending more time inside them. That’s where knowledge is generated and acquired.

Remember, you are not there to stay. Complete your studies in time to change the world for the better.


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