Hypocrites and selective beliefs

Today is Easter Sunday, a festive weekend in which millions at home and abroad commemorate the apparent resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Although ours is a secular state wherein anybody can choose what they believe, Christianity still dominates on account of our colonialism by Europeans. I haven’t set foot in church for over two decades and will not bother today, but I don’t judge those who believe their salvation lies with a Middle Eastern guy who died thousands of years ago.

What I find hypocritical is when Africans dismiss their ancestral beliefs. A case in point was when Mphowabadimo Mvundla outplayed her 19 fellow Big Brother housemates to become the first female winner of the reality show, walking off with a cool R2-million.

Viewers whose favourites did not win immediately launched into conspiracy theories, claiming Mvundla, who is a sangoma, used muthi to win. What bollocks! If that was the case, sangomas across the land would be winning the lottery beke le beke (every week)!

In any case, what does it matter if she burned mbesho and called on her ancestors to carry her through? Some of her competitors might have prayed to the man above to win the prize, but that does not raise eyebrows.

I loved Puleng Mondlane’s comment about Mvundla on social media: “When umuntu omnyama ephumelela uyathakatha… umlungu uya deserver.”

As if that was not enough, a certain Gogo Maweni has been trending following the viral videos of her baby daddy, actor Shaka ‘SK’ Khoza.

Gogo Maweni, who is a sangoma, is suspected of using muthi on Khoza and was blamed for his public meltdown, despite her denial.

Khoza has since asked for forgiveness from those he was “rude” and “mean to while he was trapped in a “very dark space”.

In an interview with Gagasi FM, Gogo Maweni made it clear that she would never make the father of her child mad, despite Khoza
being a deadbeat dad.

She merely appealed to her ancestors to help her when she got tired of asking the actor to support his child.

As a result, Gogo Maweni has since become the go-to traditional doctor for baby mamas struggling to get their sperm donors to provide child maintenance. However, there are many fake Gogo Maweni’s out there claiming they will help those with problems.

She said this week: “Please khumbulani ukuthi uGogo wenu akathwalisi, akabulali!”

I say: Thokoza wena Gogo.

Do I get an amen?


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