When a gentle squeeze doesn’t go a long way

Many know this, but few will admit it, but there is a brand of dishwashing liquid that doubles as an all-purpose solution of sorts.

As a dishwashing liquid, it is unmatched; glasses shimmer and grease on pots comes out with the greatest of ease. For scrubbing floors, it is equally effective – it leaves tiles looking clean with a twinkle. Its rich white foam is good for cleaning carpets too, and
removing stains off white tops, dirt on leather bags and shoes … Need I say more?

For washing cars, it is a favourite. And you can tell the tyres that have had a brush with this brand by the vividness of their colour.

With the economy forcing us to tighten our already taut belts, we want a loud bang for each buck we spend. So, when a trusted fave fails to deliver on the key things that gives it an edge, there’s bound to be a column dedicated to the matter.

I have been noticing that the foam of my favourite dishwashing liquid is not as thick as it used to be. Also, it requires a few extra squeezes to get the grease and dirt out of dishes. Something is amiss here. Or as we say in Zulu, kukhona okushaya amanzi, direct translation, “something is hitting the water”!

At first I put it down to a bad bottle; plus, I bought the 1.5-litre on special. I thought perhaps that’s why it was on special – it had scraped through the quality check, thus qualifying to be discounted.

So, I was so relieved when I washed my dishes with the last drops of the soap from the bottle, lying upside down on the dish rack for a couple of days as is custom when every ounce counts.

As usual, I removed the lid and rinsed the bottle clean in the water I was going to use to wash the dishes, ensuring none of it went to waste before throwing the empty bottle in the bin.

I was so eager to be rid of this bottle that I had no desire to keep it for refill packs, which are on special now and then. The 1.5-litre bottle is sturdy, but it makes squeezing the liquid out even harder.

So, this week when I popped up the lid of a new 750ml bottle to wash some dishes, my hopes were very high. First, the consistency of the liquid was right. Check. And thanks to the 750ml bottle, just a gentle squeeze released a number of drops that I can estimate with my eyes closed. Check.

But alas, the foam was not as thick – and the grease-busting and dirt-removal properties were not up to the standard I’m used to.

I’m in the market for a new dishwashing liquid.

And as many of you know, but few will admit, shopping for a new brand of dishwashing liquid after you have been loyal to one brand for decades is like getting back to the dating scene after decades of marriage. Wish me luck.

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