ANC complies, hands over cadre deployment records to DA

The ANC has complied with a Constitutional Court order to hand over its cadre deployment records to the DA.

This comes after the governing party lost its bid to appeal an earlier ruling mandating the release of these documents.

Confirming the receipt of the records, DA MP Leon Schreiber stated that the ANC met the court-imposed deadline, providing records dating back to January 1 2013.

The documents include minutes of the party’s meetings, e-mail correspondence, WhatsApp conversations, CVs, and other relevant documentation.

DA wants police declared unlawful

The DA’s legal pursuit against the ANC stems from its endeavour to have the ANC’s cadre deployment policy declared unconstitutional and unlawful.

Schreiber led the charge on this issue when he started the legal action after his 2021 Promotion of Personal Information Act application for the cadre deployment records was turned down.

He argued that the governing party’s cadre deployment policy played a significant role in fostering corruption and state capture, making transparency in this matter of paramount importance to the public.

Confirming receipt on Monday, Schreiber stated that the party now intends to meticulously scrutinise the content to ensure full compliance with the court order.

He emphasised the DA’s commitment to transparency, asserting that the opposition party will make public any pertinent findings from the documents.

He warned of potential legal action if any evidence of tampering or non-compliance is uncovered, stressing the party’s determination to hold ANC leaders accountable.

Threat of further court action

“If the ANC has erased and manipulated parts of the information or sought to otherwise undermine the Constitutional Court’s order, the DA will launch further legal action to hold ANC leaders personally accountable,” he said.

Describing the development as a victory for transparency and the rule of law, Schreiber highlighted the DA’s persistence in challenging the ANC through the legal system.

He underscored the importance of this victory in the DA’s efforts to combat corruption and improve governance in South Africa.

“Today’s victory is yet another important landmark on the DA’s journey towards abolishing cadre deployment corruption from the face of South Africa.”

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