Arise SA accuses IEC of illegally removing it from voter ballot paper

Burgeoning political party led by tech doyen Mpho Dagada, Arise South Africa, has found itself embroiled in a contentious battle with the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) over what it alleges to be an unjustified exclusion from the upcoming national and provincial elections ballot paper.

Having embarked on a vigorous elections campaign, which saw the collection of over 60,000 signatures and meticulous adherence to all electoral regulations, Arise SA had been optimistic about its prospects in the forthcoming elections.

Name absent from updated candidates list

However, this optimism was swiftly replaced by disbelief and outrage. The party discovered its name conspicuously absent from the updated candidate lists.

“As of the early hours of Wednesday 27 March 2024, Arise SA was removed from the ballot paper,” the party said.

“After all the hard work that Arise SA has put in to ensure we submit all the necessary signature requirements for both the national and provincial contests.

“Yesterday, our hopes soared as we witnessed our name rightfully listed on the candidates’ lists… However, our optimism quickly turned to disbelief. This as we awoke to the shocking revelation that Arise South Africa had been inexplicably removed from the updated lists.

“Overnight, without warning or explanation, we found ourselves erased from contention for the elections we had diligently prepared for.”

Refutes IEC claims of error

Attributing the removal to an alleged administrative error cited by the IEC, Arise SA vehemently refuted the claim. The party asserted that it had meticulously adhered to all necessary procedures to qualify for candidacy at both national and provincial levels.

This assertion of compliance stands firm against the IEC’s explanation of a missed box on the regional list.

Arise SA decried what it perceives as a violation of its democratic rights. It Expressed its deep concerns over the lack of transparency and accountability in the matter.

The party vehemently refuses to accept the injustice lying down. It has vowed to challenge the decision, calling for urgent investigation and rectification of the alleged error.

Demands investigation, reinstatement

“We call upon the Independent Electoral Commission and the relevant oversight bodies to urgently investigate this matter and rectify their mistake. Our democracy cannot afford such blatant disregard for due process and fairness.

“Arise South Africa remains resolute in our commitment to driving positive change in our nation. Despite the challenges and obstacles we face, we will continue to fight for the rights and dignity of all South African citizens.”

Efforts to obtain a comment from the IEC spokesperson, Kate Bapela, proved futile at the time of reporting. However, it is anticipated that the IEC will provide clarification on the matter in due course.

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