‘Choice of mayoral candidate proof that DA bullies partners’

City of Tshwane councillors are gearing up to elect a new mayor on Tuesday following the resignation of Randall Williams over a week ago.

Williams resigned on February 13 “to ensure stability in the city”.

He noted in his resignation letter at the time that he does not want political instability in the cities of Johannesburg and Ekurhuleni to spill over to Tshwane.

After lengthy engagements, the multi-coalition government concluded to back DA MP Cilliers Brink to take over the mayorship.

However, this is recycling of leaders, according to the ANC greater Tshwane caucus. 

Joel Masilela ka Mahlangu, ANC spokesperson in Tshwane, told Sunday World that the DA is bullying its coalition partners by fielding one of its own.

He said his party will use the council sitting to expose the DA of being the enablers of racism and corruption. 

“The ANC Tshwane caucus will today expose the failures in the racist, corrupt and exploitative coalition partner in the City of Tshwane, named the DA,” he said.

“It does not only bullies its coalition partners but also its members of the unholy alliance that has plummeted the city’s finances and relations with financial institutions.

“The special council meeting will be yet another attempt by the DA to bully its coalition partners by fielding a candidate of its own, as if the DA holds the monopoly of wisdom.”

He lashed out further and accused the DA of racism, saying the party only wants to appoint white people to top positions.

“We will stop at nothing in ensuring that the mayoral elections will undermine the coalition government that has failed the residents of Tshwane and install a government of local unity which will be interested in service delivery.”

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