I have always been MK at heart, says Bonginkosi Khanyile

People should stop questioning my loyalty because I have always been uMkhonto weSizwe (MK) at heart, says Fees Must Fall activist Bonginkosi Khanyile.

This after the Patriotic Alliance (PA) former youth president was announced as the National Coordinator and Volunteer chief of uMkhonto weSizwe Youth Ground Forces on Saturday.

Khanyile was expelled as the PA youth president after his video attending an MK event at Mzo’s Lifestyle, a shisanyama establishment in Verulam, KwaZulu-Natal in December.

He told Sunday World that he was not even interested in joining the party at that time and only attended the event to see Jacob Zuma, unaware that he was leading the new political party.

“Soon after, I was trending on social media that I was now in support of Jacob Zuma’s political party, then I was expelled. What was I then supposed to do to prove my loyalty? Sit and beg the PA to take me back? The train moves and MK is moving at that speed,” said Khanyile.

He said he was expelled from the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) and while he wished for a break from political parties, he was asked to join the PA.

“Kenny Kunene came to my house and motivated me to join the PA. I was taking a break from politics and after a long motivation, I decided to play my role in politics again,” he said.

However, Khanyile said he would have still left the PA as soon as he realised what the MK stands for. The #feesmustfall activist said this was an opportunity to fight for free education once again and to bring back Black Economic Empowerment.

MK acting secretary general Thanduxolo Dyodo said Khanyile was the best suited and fit-for-purpose candidate to lead the South African youth considering the challenges they are currently faced with.

He said the new youth leader was tasked with organising the youth and motivating them to support the MK and to fight against the struggles faced by young people.

“Ours is to centre an agenda of the youth at all material times. Free education, employment for all, a fight against drugs and alcohol, a fight against GBV (gender-based violence) and all other socials ills, top our agenda as incoming government.

“Hence, we call upon all young people to register to vote for the MK party. Comrade Bonginkosi Khanyile has the right credentials and consciousness to lead the efforts to overcome the myriad of challenges that are facing the youth of our country,” said Dyodo.

Khanyile said he was giving his full support to Zuma and was ready to gather the youth behind the MK banner.

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