I’ve been working underground unnoticed since January – Zuma

Former president Jacob Zuma honoured the legacy of Moses Mabhida during a visit to the struggle stalwart’s gravesite in Pietermaritzburg on Saturday.

Mabhida was the secretary-general of the SACP and commander of uMkhonto weSizwe

The occasion, which included a poignant stop at Mabhida’s home, was part of Zuma’s campaign for the newly-formed uMkhonto weSizwe (MK Party).

The move came after Zuma declared over a week ago that despite maintaining his good standing as a member of the ANC, he would not vote for the party in the 2024 elections.

Instead, he pledged his support for the MK Party, which draws its name from the ANC’s former armed wing that was disbanded in 1994.

In his address during the visit, Zuma paid tribute to Mabhida and expressed his gratitude to his family for their warm embrace and support.

He emphasised the need for unity among people who have decided to support the MK Party.

ANC has strayed from original path

“According to principles, engaging in disputes, particularly political party campaigns and memberships, should not be our focus,” he said.

“This applies especially to those of us who have been dedicated members of the ANC and intend to remain so until the very end.

“Our declaration of support for uMkhonto weSizwe is driven by our concern that the ANC has strayed from its original path due to misguidance.”

The former president urged South Africans to exercise their democratic right and vote in large numbers in the 2024 general elections to ensure that meaningful change takes place.

He emphasised addressing the nation’s challenges head-on is crucial, highlighting the disparities between the rich and the poor.

“We must address the issues plaguing our nation head-on and not turn a blind eye to the suffering of our people, especially when some individuals are siphoning off funds abroad while many at home are struggling to make ends meet.

“Such actions would undoubtedly disappoint leaders like Mabhida.”

Zuma also spoke of his efforts in campaigning for the MK Party, revealing that he had discreetly consulted with traditional leaders and pastors since January, flying under the radar of social media and public attention.

“I have been working hard underground unnoticed consulting with traditional leaders and pastors since January,” he said.

“There is no other time to fix the country but now,” said the former statesman to a loud applause.

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