Khumalo was MK’s volunteer in leadership, nothing else – Ndhlela

Nhlamulo Ndhlela, the uMkhonto weSizwe Party (MKP) spokesperson, has described the party’s conflict with its founder, Jabulani Khumalo, as pure madness.

Speaking to Sunday World outside the Constitutional Court on Friday, Ndhlela asserted that Khumalo’s expulsion was not a targeted attack but a consequence of his own actions.

According to Ndhlela, there was a mutual understanding that the party did not belong solely to Khumalo and that former president Jacob Zuma would assume leadership and represent the party in campaigns.

However, Khumalo’s erratic behaviour veered away from this agreement, he stated.

Expulsion was not a witchhunt

“This is absolute lunacy. Khumalo’s expulsion was not a witchhunt. He was a volunteer in leadership; that’s all; he was nothing else.” 

Zuma and the MKP are currently in court for a hearing on the former statesman’s candidature. 

In his affidavit, Khumalo, as the president of the interim executive committee of MKP, asserts his authority to represent MKP in litigation.

He highlights that neither Zuma nor his representatives have the authority to engage in legal matters on behalf of the party.

Khumalo outlines the process of MKP’s formation and registration, emphasising his leadership role within the party.

He disputes Zuma’s unilateral decisions to expel him and asserts that Zuma’s actions lack procedural legitimacy.

Party does not support Zuma’s actions

Khumalo also addresses alleged forged documents and emphasises that he remains the rightful president of the MKP. 

“What did occur was that Mr Zuma, who is only the face of the MKP election campaign and holds no official position in the party, took a unilateral decision, without any right of reply, to expel me.

“To quote him: “Ng’yakuxosha” [I am getting rid of you]. I understood him to mean he was expelling me and removing me as the party leader.

“Right there and there, Mr Zuma made two distinct, unlawful, and unprocedural decisions, which were, first, to remove me as president and, second, to terminate my party membership unilaterally.”

He concluded by expressing concern about the potential misrepresentation of the MKP’s position in court and asserting that the MKP does not support Zuma’s actions.

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