Mashatile’s ex keeps on beating the war drums

The protracted war between Deputy President Paul Mashatile’s ex-girlfriend and the lawyer of his right-hand man and advisor, Keith Khoza, appears to be far from over.

Mashatile’s former significant other, Norma Mbatha, has lodged a complaint with the Legal Practice Council (LPC) against KuvashenPada-yachee, saying the legal eagle, who was representing Khoza in their protection order case last year, had unlawfully obtained her personal details.

However, on March 8 the LPC dismissed her complaint, saying it was baseless and without merit. The LPC wrote a letter to Mbatha on March 26 informing her that Padayachee was exonerated of any wrongdoing and advised her to appeal the decision if she so wished.

The letter, which we have seen, reads as follows: “We confirm that an investigating committee considered your complaint on March 8, 2024, and that it was dismissed for the reasons attached.

“We would like to inform you that you have the right to -appeal this recommendation in terms of the provisions of Section 41 of the Legal Practice Act and attach hereto an appeal form.”

Padayachee confirmed that the LPC threw out Mbatha’s complaint.

“On March 8, 2024, an investigating committee of the Legal Practice Council considered MS Mbatha’s complaint and dismissed the complaint. The decision of the LPC was then communicated to the writer (Padayachee) on March 26, 2024,” said Padayachee.

Mbatha also confirmed that the LPC had dismissed her complaint but said the war between her and Padayachee was far from over because she had completed the forms to appeal the decision.

She said she had also written an email to the LPC, stating her intention to appeal the findings.

Speaking to Sunday World, Mbatha said the LPC dismissed her complaint because, due to time constraints, she did not supply it with sufficient information to find in her favour.

“I was limited to providing certain information on the matter involving Padayachee for obtaining my personal information unlawfully.

“I am appealing this decision because the LPC did not have all the information regarding the issue.

“I am going to give the LPC the entire information so that the LPC can make a proper ruling in this regard.”

The drama between Mbatha and Padayachee started when the businesswoman took Khoza to court claiming that the spin doctor had defamed her.

Afterwards, Padayachee searched and accessed her personal information through CSI Mobile Verification, which revealed her contact details,
and her current and previous residential addresses.

She claimed that Padayachee, who was representing Khoza, accessed her personal information on Lexis Nexis.

Mbatha said she was concerned that in doing so, Pada-yachee had compromised her safety as he accessed the information without her knowledge.

Mbatha said she discovered the alleged violation on March 24 when she was served with court documents that contained a five-page report that seemed to belong to Lexis WinDeed, a sister company of Lexis Nexis.

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